Sonic Frontiers will have unique music for every Cyber Space and Guardian

Sonic Frontiers is soon about to release and despite it’s rough looking early gameplay, the game has shown promising signs for what is up to come.
The fans are about to experience not only a brand new way of playing in the Sonic franchise but also a completly new soundtrack. The game’s theme song
named Vandalize by ONE OK ROCK has been leaked and players had a very positive reaction to it. What’s more impressing though is that the Sonic
series sound director Tomoya Ohtani announced that every Cyber Space and Guardian has unique music. Cyber Spaces are new dimensions Sonic can visit
by entering through a portal. These dimensions might seem familiar to fans since they are stages from previous games, like Green Hill Zone and
Sky Sanctuary. With that being said, and the high expectations set by Vandalize, we are looking forward to that new massive full soundtrack.