League of Legends Patch 12.22 is here

With the end of Season 12, the preseason for League of Legends is now live and the game received some huge patch notes to go along with it. Here’s everything you need to know about the new patch note 12.22

Table of Contents

Chemtech Drake

Chemtech Drake is back in the game with a lot of changes. Alongside the new drake comes a new version for Summoners rift when Chemtech is the dragon soul. The new map features changes to the plants that can be typically be found in the jungle.

Chemtech Drake
Image via Riot Games

Jungle Changes

As per usual, jungle is receiving a lot of changes in the preseason patch. More specifically, jungle monsters are made bulkier in such a way to make it harder for laners to take camps while also keeping fast clear speeds for the junglers. Junglers now have a companion that helps them clear camps, buffs them and gives them extra gold from clears. Additionally, some of the gold and experience has been shifted from the junge towards the new jungle item. Krugs are also made an easier camp to clear, since the 2 Krugs that spawned from the big Krug are now gone and the small Krugs appear instantly.

Invading has also been nerfed. Junglers receive a buff to help them clear camps when they are in their own jungle area. This Own-Side Clearing Strength will not only help against early invading and jungle snowballing, but will also help many champions, who don’t normally jungle, clear their camps. In addition, to counter invading Marked for Death has been introduced. When a large monster dies, all small monsters in its area will die after 10 seconds of not being in combat.

Scuttle crabs also received some changes. The shield they used to have is now gone to help junglers without crowd control and their spawn time has been moved from 3:15 to 3:30 to
help slower clearing junglers.

Reset range has also been tempered with. When a player starts a camp, an indicator will show them the area that camp can be pulled without getting reset. This range has been significatly reduced so players won’t be able to double clear camps.

For newcomers, the game will suggest a recommended jungle path for their first clear. This path can be seen through the map showing each time the next recommended camp. This setting can be turned on or off in the settings for more experienced players.

Lastly, burst healing in jungle is gone. Smite and Gromp no longer grant burst healing and instead the healing power has been spread around the whole jungle and the companions. This way, more champions will finish their clear with a higher % of health remaining.

Jungle Companions
Image via Riot Games


In order to achieve better and fast communication between the team, new pings are being introduced. In total there will be 8 basic pings and 3 pings for wards which you can find below.

Also, players can now vote for the epic monsters. When a player pings Dragon/Herald/Baron a vote will appear on the right side of the screen where each member of the team can vote to either take the objective or give it. The jungler’s vote will count for 2 votes instead of 1 and a total of 4 votes for or against the call means the team agreed on that.

tactical and vision
Image via Riot Games


Ally wards are getting a new icon for the minimap so players can track easier which areas are warded. When these wards reach a third of their duration, their icon on the minimap will change. Enemy wards will also be easier to track. When someone pings an enemy ward that they saw in the last 10 seconds or hits it an exact timer for the ward will become visible for all the team until the ward disappears or expires.


Same as the jungle path, in order to make the newer player experience better, in-game ability level-up recommendation is added. The suggested ability for level-up will be highlighted. This informtion will be
updated with every patch for the best experience.

Lane Changes

Mid and Top will be getting more EXP, while Bot will be getting less and Mid will also get less gold. More specifically:

  • Mid Lane Gold Changes: All minions spawned in the mid lane will now be worth 1 less gold before 14 minutes when last hit (previously, only cannon minions were worth less gold, but were worth 10 less gold)
  • Minion Experience: Minions now grant 2.15% more experience to solo champions. Minion experience when shared between multiple champions is unchanged.



New items are being introduced into the game and some items are being moved from Mythics to Legendaries. The biggest changes target Tank champions, since items like Sunfire Cape and Turbo Chemtank are being moved from the Mythic potision into Legendary, while Frostfire Gauntlet is being reworked, and three new Mythic items are being introduced. These changes happen because sometimes Legendary items are better fits for a lot of champions and this way the builds won’t be so restrictive.

  • Gold Cost: 3000
  • Health: 400
  • Armor: 30
  • Magic Resist: 30
  • Ability Haste: 20
  • Build Path: Aegis of the Legion + Kindlegem + Ruby Crystal
  • Passive – Voidborn Resilience: For each second in champion combat, gain a stack granting 2 armor and MR, up to 8 max. At max stacks become empowered, instantly draining enemies around you for 3% of your max health (reduced to 30% against minions and monsters) and increasing your resists by 10% until end of combat.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 5 armor and 5 magic resistance
  • Gold Cost: 3000
  • Health: 400
  • Armor: 30
  • Magic Resist: 30
  • Ability Haste: 20
  • Build Path: Aegis of the Legion + Kindlegem + Ruby Crystal
  • Passive – Guiding Light: Upon casting your ultimate you Transcend, increasing your max health by 10% for 9 seconds. While Transcended, you and allies within 1200 range of you gain 15 non-ultimate ability haste and heal for 1% of your max health every 3 seconds, increased by up to 100% based on that champion’s missing health. 60 second cooldown.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 100 health
  • Gold Cost: 3200
  • Health: 800
  • Health Regen: 200%
  • Ability Haste: 20
  • Build Path: Kindlegem + Crystalline Bracer + Giant’s Belt
  • Passive – Colossal Consumption: Charge up a powerful attack against a champion over 3 seconds while within 700 range of them. The charged attack deals 125 +6% of your max health as bonus physical damage, and grants you 10% of that amount as permanent max health. 30 second cooldown per target.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 1% bonus health and 6% champion size
  • Gold Cost: 2800 ⇒ 3000
  • Health: 450 ⇒ 400
  • Armor: 25 ⇒ 50
  • Magic Resist: 25 ⇒ 0
  • Ability Haste: 20 (unchanged)
  • Build Path: Bami’s Cinder + Null-Magic Mantle + Cloth Armor ⇒ Sheen + Kindlegem + Chain Vest
  • Passive – Spellblade: After using an ability, your next attack is enhanced with an additional 100% base AD physical damage and creates a frost field for 2.5 seconds. Enemies that move across the field are slowed by 15% +.004% bonus health (halved for ranged users). Your primary target is crippled, applying a 100% stronger slow on them and reducing their damage by 10% against you for 2.5 seconds. 1.5 second cooldown.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 50 health, 5% Tenacity, and 5% slow resist
  • Gold Cost: 3200
  • Ability Power: 60
  • Health: 300
  • Mana: 400
  • Build Path: Catalyst of Aeons + Blasting Wand + Amplifying Tome
  • Passive: This item gains 20 health, 20 mana, and 4 ability power every minute, up to 10 times, for a maximum of 200 health, 200 mana, and 40 ability power. Upon reaching max stacks, gain a level and all effects of Eternity are increased by 50%. (Note: this will not increase the level cap of 18)
  • Unique Passive – Eternity: Restore mana equal to 8% of premitigation damage taken from champions, and health equal to 20% of mana spent, up to 15 health per cast. Toggled abilities can only heal for up to 15 per second. For every 250 health or mana restored this way, gain 25% decaying move speed for 2 seconds.
  • Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 5 Ability Haste
  • Gold Cost: 1100
  • Health: 225
  • Mana: 300
  • Build Path: Ruby Crystal + Sapphire Crystal
  • Unique Passive – Eternity: Restore mana equal to 8% of premitigation damage taken from champions, and health equal to 20% of mana spent, up to 15 health per cast. Toggled abilities can only heal for up to 15 per second.
  • Gold Cost: 2700 ⇒ 3000
  • Health: 450 ⇒ 500
  • Mana: 0 ⇒ 300
  • Magic Resist: 35 ⇒ 40
  • Ability Haste: 10 (unchanged)
  • Build Path: Kindlegem + Spectre’s Cowl ⇒ Catalyst of Aeons + Spectre’s Cowl
  • NEW Passive – Eternity: Restore mana equal to 8% of premitigation damage taken from champions, and health equal to 20% of mana spent, up to 15 health per cast. Toggled abilities can only heal for up to 15 per second.
  • Passive – Unmake: Curse nearby enemy champions, reducing their magic resist by 5 + 1.2% bonus health (max 25). For each Cursed enemy, gain 9 magic resist.
  • Gold Cost: 2700 ⇒ 3000
  • Health: 250 ⇒ 400
  • Armor: 90 ⇒ 60
  • Ability Haste: 10 ⇒ 0
  • Build Path: Warden’s Mail + Cloth Armor + Ruby Crystal ⇒ Warden’s Mail + Giant’s Belt
  • NEW Active – Humility: Briefly slow nearby enemies by 55% for 2 seconds (60 second cooldown)
  • NEW Passive – Critical Resistance: Critical strikes deal 20% less damage to you
  • Passive – Rock Solid: Reduce incoming damage from attacks by up to 5 +0.35%, capped at 40% of attack’s damage
  • Item Tier: Mythic ⇒ Legendary
  • Gold Cost: 3200 ⇒ 2800
  • Health: 450 ⇒ 400
  • Armor: 35 ⇒ 50
  • Magic Resistance: 35 ⇒ 0
  • Ability Haste: 20 ⇒ 0
  • Build Path: Bami’s Cinder + Aegis of the Legion ⇒ Bami’s Cinder + Chain Vest
  • REMOVED Unique Passive – Flametouch: Flametouch has been removed
  • Passive – Immolate: Immolate damage is no longer increased by 150% against monsters
  • Item Tier: Mythic ⇒ Legendary
  • Gold Cost: 3200 ⇒ 2800
  • Health: 450 ⇒ 500
  • Magic Resist: 25 ⇒ 50
  • Armor: 25 ⇒ 0
  • Ability Haste: 20 ⇒ 10
  • Build Path: Bami’s Cinder + Cloth Armor + Null Magic Mantle ⇒ Kindlegem + Negatron Cloak + Ruby Crystal
  • REMOVED Passive – Refuel: Refuel passive has been removed
  • Gold Cost: 1400 ⇒ 1200
  • Attack Damage: 70 ⇒ 65
  • Unique Passive – Cleave: 60-12% total AD (based on distance) ⇒ 60% of total AD for melee champions and 30% of total AD for ranged champions to all enemies around them
  • NEW Unique Passive – Carnivorous: Gain 0.6 AD and 0.1% Omnivamp on minion kills, increased to twice that amount for champions, large/epic monsters, and siege minions. Stacks up to 24 AD and 4% Omnivamp. Lose half of these stacks on death.
  • Unique Passive – Cleave: 60-12% total AD (based on distance) ⇒ 50% of total AD for melee champions and 25% of total AD for ranged champions to all enemies around them
  • Gold Cost: 3400
  • Attack Damage: 65
  • Health: 300
  • Ability Haste: 20
  • Unique Passive – Dragonforce: Non-ultimate spells gain an extra [8 (+8% bonus AD) Ability Haste for melee champions | 6 (+6% bonus AD) Ability Haste for ranged champions], reduced to [4 (+4% bonus AD) Ability Haste for melee champions | 3 (+3% bonus AD) Ability Haste for ranged] for spells with immobilizing effects
  • Unique Passive – Exigency: Gain up to [15% melee | 10% ranged] move speed, based on your % missing health (maxed out while below 33% health)
  • Build Path: B.F. Sword + Kindlegem + Caulfield’s Warhammer
  • Ability Haste: 30 ⇒ 20
  • NEW Unique Passive – Transcendance: If you have at least 60% Critical Strike Chance, your Attacks reduce your non-Ultimate Ability cooldowns by 15% of their remaining cooldown.
  • NEWUnique Passive – Impermanence: Your abilities deal up to 20% increased damage based on critical strike chance


A few champion buffs and nerfs will also go live with the new patch notes alongside changes to smite, turrets and ARAM.



  • Damage to Non-Champions: 1000 (+50% AP)(+10% Bonus HP) ⇒ 1200(+50% AP)(+10% Bonus HP)


  • Attacks: Ranged ⇒ Melee
  • Base Health: 625 ⇒ 605
  • Health Growth: 104 ⇒ 105


  • Healing vs Champions: 10.5-124.5 (based on level)(+18% AP) (Note: linear scaling) ⇒ 6-120 (based on level)(+18% AP) (Note: now uses stat growth multiplier)


  • True Damage to Non-Champions: 340/500/660/820/980 ⇒ 400/600/800/1000/1200


  • Attacks: Ranged ⇒ Melee
Summoner Spells


  • Smite Damage: 450 (Base)/900 (Challenging/Chilling Smite) ⇒ 600/900/1200 (0/20/40 companion stacks)
  • UPDATED New Smites New Names: Smite/Challenging Smite/Chilling Smite ⇒ Smite/Unleashed Smite/Primal Smite
Turret Adjustments

Turret Plating

  • Gold Given per Plate: 160 ⇒ 175
  • Armor and MR per Turret Plate: 35 ⇒ 40


  • Akali: +20% Tenacity, +20% Energy Regeneration
  • Ekko: +20% Tenacity
  • Elise: +20% Tenacity
  • Evelynn: +20% Tenacity
  • Fizz: +20% Tenacity
  • Kassadin: +20% Tenacity
  • Katarina: +20% Tenacity
  • Kayn: +20% Tenacity
  • Kennen: +20% Energy Regeneration
  • Kha’Zix: +20% Tenacity
  • Le’Blanc: +20% Tenacity
  • Lee Sin: +20% Energy Regeneration
  • Pyke: +20% Tenacity
  • Qiyana: +20% Tenacity
  • Rek’Sai: +20% Tenacity
  • Rengar: +20% Tenacity
  • Talon: +20% Tenacity
  • Zed: +20% Tenacity, +20% Energy Regeneration


  • Ashe: -20 Ability Haste


Improvements are also being made towards a less toxic environment. With these changes, players who violate the rules will be easier to detect and if unsportsmanlike behavior is detected in game, they will be muted for the rest of it.

  • Penalty ladders will be upgraded accordingly to match the new severity tiers we can detect
  • Players who are chat restricted will no longer be able to send any messages to other players in game (DMs will still be available)


From now on, when a player is AFK, the team can call for a unanimous early surrender way sooner than before.

  • No More Dead Zone: Teams have the option to call a unanimous early surrender vote if an AFK player is detected on their team between 10:00 and 15:00 ⇒ 3:30 and 15:00

In order to avoid hostage-keeping and dodging, players will now join the ranked lobby anonimously.

  • Allies are Friends: In Ranked Solo/Duo champion select, all summoner names that aren’t yours or your duo partner’s will be replaced by Ally 1 through 5.

A small change was also made for remakes.

  • Fountain Check: Before 3 minutes, if a player is in the fountain for 90 continuous seconds, their team is able to initiate a remake. At 45 seconds, a player will receive a chat message telling them they need to leave the fountain. At 70 seconds, they will receive a pop up message telling them they need to leave the fountain.


New eternals are finaly avaiable for all champions. There will be three new Eternals for every champion and just like Series 1, they will be available for purchase individually or as a pass for all current and future champions.
With the new Series 2 Eternals players will also be able to get a third chevron for their in-game Mastery emote when they gather a total of 15 Milestones from Series 2 Eternals.

Mythic Shop

He Mythic Shop is being rotated as followed

  • Prestige Star Guardian Neeko
  • Prestige Conqueror Jax
  • Mythic Chroma Galaxy Slayer Zed

  • Prestige Bewitching Miss Fortune
  • Prestige Coven LeBlanc
  • Mythic Chroma High Noon Senna

New Season

With the release of Patch 12.22, Season 12 has officially ended and the Preseason has begun. The End of Season rewards will be distributed to all players on December 14th.


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