League of Legends, challenges are here!

The achievement system Riot showcased during summer 2021 is now live and offers over 300 challenges for the players.

Upon the completion of a challenge, the players are rewarded with titles and tokens that serve as accessories during the lobby as well as the loading screen in-game. These challenges are divided into 5 different categories, namely, Expertise, Teamwork & Strategy, Imagination, Veterancy and Collection. The challenges have a wide range from winning games without dying to bursting a poro with cookies in ARAM. Each challenge starts at Iron rank and can be upgraded to Challenger by completing the mission many times. The rank Challenger works just like the general ranking system in League of Legends, meaning only a few players will hold the Challenge-tier challenge at any given time, and those holding it must keep on grinding to keep it.

For more details about challenges click here.