Ramattra: The new hero for Overwatch 2

A new hero has been revealed for Overwatch 2. The new hero, Ramattra, is a tank and seems to be connected with Zenyatta. The developers have stated that Ramattra is going to have two different forms, one being an Omnic form and the other his Nemesis form.

The first one will be more focused on the defense while the latter on the offense. We might not have many more details for his gameplay but his origin story, a short cinematic video, was released showing his connections with Zenyatta and the other Omnics. You can find the video below.

On top of that a new map has been announced under the name Atlantic Arcology. Many have speculated that this map will have water elements based on its name, though nothing is known about it yet. The map will be available on Season 2 which starts on December 6.