Lifeweaver season’s 4 new hero | Overwatch 2

In a brand-new Overwatch 2 teaser, Blizzard Entertainment introduces Lifeweaver, a new playable support hero who will be available on April 11 along with Season 4.

Lifeweaver is a scientist from Thailand who harnesses his biolight technology on his mission to heal the world. Despite being on the run from Viskar, he is determined to use his technology to make a difference for those around him. His charm and wit are sure to bring a smile (and maybe a blush) to the heroes who encounter him on the battlefield.”

You can check the gameplay trailer below:

“Overwatch 2’s latest support Hero is Lifeweaver, an intelligent and curious adventurer who plans to use his biolight technology to make the world a better place.

Lifeweaver will shift the dynamic of every fight by providing cover, leveraging his mobility, and impacting positioning in ways we’ve never seen before. Get acquainted with Lifeweaver’s ability kit in his Gameplay Trailer and get ready for his debut in Season 4 on April 11!”

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