New gameplay trailer shows us sonic’s abilities

Sega through a new gameplay trailer shows us the fighting part of the game by presenting us some of Sonic’s abilities.

More specifically, for the first time, Sonic has a Skill Tree full of exciting and powerful new abilities to learn.

To unlock new skills, you’ll need to collect enough Skill Pieces from fallen enemies and breakable items around the islands.

Sonic also has his standard move set including a Homing Attack,Drop Dash and Stomp at the beginning of the game.

While these moves are effective against normal enemies, you’ll need to level up and unlock new skills if you want to take on bigger and stronger enemies awaiting you on the Starfall Islands. To boost your stats and give yourself a fighting chance against more difficult enemies you must not forget to collect the Red Seeds of Power and Blue Seeds of Defense.

Some of the new skills you can unlock are:

Phantom Rush
-Sonic’s combo meter will fill up after attacking enemies consecutively. Once the combo meter is maxed out, Phantom Rush is activated, and your attack power will be boosted until the meter reaches zero.

Sonic Boom
– a long-range, high-speed kick that unleashes shockwaves at the enemy.

Wild Rush
– a flashy zigzagging attack that sends you crashing into your target with great force.

– reak their shield with Cyloop and then deal as much damage as you can before it goes back up

Also, during combat, you’ll need to study your opponents and determine the best strategy to take them on. Many of them prompt you to engage with their unique combat mechanics first before reaching their weak spot.

Last one, by using parry during combat, you can use your opponents’ moves against them. When an enemy is about to attack, a visual cue alerts you. If you react quickly enough, you will be able to parry it and counterattack.

See the new Sonic Frontiers gameplay trailer shown below