God of War Ragnarok: Everything you need to know about battles and enemies!

The long awaited sequel to God of War, God of War: Ragnarok, is soon to be released and a new trailer shows some changes that focus on the enemy design and combat. As expected, Kratos now starts with both the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos in his arsenal. Since players are supposed to have some experience with the combat and the enemies from the previous game and they are given more tools to work with, the enemies will also be harder and more complicated by design. One of the few problems God of War had was that the use of the same mini-bosses, which Sony Santa Monica has confirmed that there will be more variety of to keep the gameplay more interesting.

Based on the trailer, Atreus is getting more aggressive in his fighting style and will often combo his enemies or even engage before you do. This reflects his personal growth,
both as in the age and his personality. On top of that, the player will also be able to choose the type of shield he prefers using. There will be the regular shield from the previous
game that can be used to block incoming damage and parry the enemy hits, but there will also be lighter shields that provide a longer window to counterattack after a successful parry but are not so adept at blocking incoming damage since the player will still receive a small amount if he doesn’t parry the attack.

Editor Tamoor Hussain said the following: 

Maybe I'm just a bit rusty, but it feels like the enemies in God of War Ragnarok are much less forgiving; there are often more of them and they hit a little harder," "Not to mention that I've already fought my fair share of strange and very dangerous beasts--at times it felt like I was in a Monster Hunter game, carefully watching these animals to learn their patterns and exploiting brief windows of opportunity with specific moves.