Death Knight coming to Hearthstone

Hearthstone, the card game that’s under Blizzard, is receiving a new class in its next expansion, more specifically, Death Knight. The new expansion, March of the Lich King, will be available on December 6 and will follow the story of the classic villain. Death Knight’s Hero power costs is called Ghoul Charge, costs 2 Mana and summons a 1/1 Ghoul with charge that dies on the end of the turn. This might not seem like much but Death Knight comes with a new mechanic named Corpses. Corpses are gained when a minion dies and are a new type of recourse that Death Knights can use for their cards.

Apart from the Corpses, Death Knights will have a new way for deckbuilding with a tool named Runes. Each deck can have a total of any 3 combinations of Runes, those being Blood,Frost and Unholy. Different cards will require different combination of Runes to be played, for example Patchwerk required at least 1 Blood Rune whereas Frostwyrn’s Fury requires all 3 Runes to be Frost. The new class will have 68 new cards, where 32 of them will be part of the Core cards, meaning free.

As per usual, the new expanions will also feature a new keyword named Manathirst. Manathirst adds some further effects provided the player has the extra mana required without costing that additional mana. Along with the new class, a new minion type is being introduced, Undead. There were already a lot of Undead minions in Hearthstone so we expect a lot of them to get the new Undead label.

Everyone who logs in after the expansion is released will receive a neutral Legendary Spell named The Sunwell. This card costs 9 Mana, 1 less for each card is already in your hand, and fills the player’s hand with random spells. You can find all new revealed cards below. For Death Knight cards below the Mana cost the required Runes to play the cards are presented.

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