League of Legends: Patch 12.7 Notes

Following patch notes 12.6 the new patch notes are here and they are aimed mostly for the pro play since the MSI 2022 will be played on the next patch, meaning patch 12.8. Therefore, Riot is aiming some item adjustments towards heavily used items (Galeforce and Winter’s Approach) as well as buffs on many champions that have been struggling in the recent patches like Kalista and Pantheon.


Gangplank’s passive is getting a damage increased towards the later stages of the game. Also his W will cost less mana.

Gwen’s E first auto attack will now reduce the cooldown by 60% instead of 50% and her Ultimate will be up more often since it’s cooldown is being reduced.

Jayce’s base Health and Armor are lowered but their Growth is increased, meaning he will be weaker during early game.

Kalista is receiving some general buffs, those being on base Mana, Move Speed and Attack Speed Growth to help her get back in the game.

Karthus jungle is being buffed since his Q will no deal 95% damage against monsters instead of 85%.

Lee Sin’s base Attack Damage and overall Q damage are getting nerfed in order to reduce his Pro play impact.

Lillia’s passive will heal more against champions and her W’s base damage is increased.

Neeko will gain more Move Speed during her W on later stages of the game as well as deal more damage with her W empowered Auto Attack.

Pantheon’s Health Regeneration is getting nerfed but his Q,E and R are getting buffed.

Rengar will deal less damage with his Q on turrets and his W is getting a damage increase against monsters.

Ryze’s Q scales better with Abillity Power and worse with Maximum Mana than before.

Wukong is being buffed on his Q,W and E with the biggest buff being that he can now dash through walls using his W.

Yasuo’s base health is increased and his Ultimate will have a lower cooldown during early stages.

Yone on the other hand will have a lower cooldown on his Ultimate during later stages of the game.

Zeri is getting a lot of changes that force her out of her on-going build and into a critical-based build. You can see the changes above/below.


Abyssal Mask: Unmake Magic Resist Reduction is being buffed from 5(+1% bonus Health), capped at 20 to 5(+1.2% bonus health), capped at 25.

Galeforce: Cooldown has been increased from 90 to 110 seconds.

Moonstone Renewer: Bonus Heal and Shield Power Per Stack is being decreased from 7%(maximum 35% at 5 stacks) to 6%(maximum 30% at 5 stacks)

Umbral Glaive: Total Cost is being reduced from 2400 to 2300 gold. Combine Cost is being reduced from 600 to 500 gold. Blackout Cooldown is being reduced from 45 to 35 seconds.

Winter’s Approach: Total Cost is being increased from 2600 to 2700 gold. Combine Cost is being increased from 1000 to 1100 gold. Health is being reduced from 400 to 350.


Time Wrap Tonic: Immediate Health and Mana Restoration has been reduced from 50% to 30%. Bonus Move Speed has been reduced from 5% to 4%.

These are the new skins that are coming out at patch 12.7.

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