League of Legends: Patch 12.6 Notes

The new patch 12.6 is live! Introducing nerfs,buffs, new skins as well as adjustments and a reworked rune.


Azir is getting a small survivability buff, getting increased health growth.

Darius’s R minimum damage has been increased, but based on how his ultimate works with his stacks, it’s overall damage has been increased, not just the minimum (since his ultimate’s damage can be increased by up to 100% of it’s base damage according to the number of his stacks)

Hecarim has been strong overall both in pro play and in Solo/Duo queue, which serves him a nerf to both Q and E. Both of these abilites are getting a base damage reduction, mostly on the upper ranks of the abilities, meaning during early game the nerfs probably wont impact him very much.

Illaoi is getting some quality of life changes as well bugfixes. During her ultimate cast, Illaoi will now face where the cursor is pointing, allowing better Tentacle spawn positions. The bugfixes can be seen here.

Jax is getting some buffs on his base health and his w base damage, meaning he will do better on early trades on Top lane.

Nidalee is getting several buffs, on both human and cougar form. Firstly, the mana cost for both W and E during human form has been decreased and E’s range has been increased to match W’s. Lastly, cougar’s W AoE damage radius has been slightly increased.

Rengar is getting a lot of changes. Instead of getting 1 Ferocity stack when he leaps with 0 stacks, now he will gain 1 Ferocity during the leap upon losing all Ferocity stacks. Also he will be able to leap consistently out of camouflage or brush for 0.35 extra seconds instead on being on a 0.3-0.4 second timer.
He also gets an extra Ferocity bar to help players better track how many stacks he has and if he will get a stack on the next leap. The stacks will fall now if Rengar is out of combat for 10 seconds instead of 8 and the Bonetooth Necklace timer now has been increased from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds of damaging an enemy, meaning it will be easier for Rengar to stack his Necklace. Rengar’s Q is now always a critical strike where the critical chance is enhancing it’s damage instead. Bola strike will now be able to be cast instantly while leaping out of a bush and grants true sight and normal vision around the enemy it hits for 2 seconds. Finally, his ultimate now also grants normal vision around the nearest enemy.

Tryndamere has been on the strong side lately leading to some nerfs on his E and R. His E cooldown reduction per crit has been decreased and his ultimate cooldown has been increased.


Shieldbow: Lifesteal has been decreased but the Shield and the bonus Health per item have been increased to help champions who built it survive during burst damage.

Blade of the Ruined King: Lifesteal has been decreased from 10% to 8%

Vampiric Scepter : Lifesteal has been decreased from 10% to 8%


Ravenous Hunter has been removed from the game and it’s place is being filled by Treasure Hunter. Treasure Hunter gives bonus 70 gold each time the player claims a stack, which increases by 20 gold for each stack they already have.

Fleetfootwork scaling heal has been decreased by the following ratios: 40% bonus AD -> 30% bonus AD, 30% bonus AP -> 20% bonus AP.

Legend: Bloodline grants less lifesteal per stack by 0.2% leading to a whole 3% at 15 stacks but now gives extra 100 max HP during max stacks.


Gemstones and Prestige points are combining into a new form of currency named Mythic Essence. You can check out the details right here.

Lastly, these are the new skins that are coming out at patch 12.6.