Dead Island 2 finally has a release date and gameplay trailer

Finally, after many years of waiting, Dead Island 2 has a release date. This date is on February 3rd 2023

More specific, Geoff Keighley showed us at Gamescom a cinematic reveal trailer
and that not be enough, he has also revealed a gameplay trailer with a lot of blood and zombies.

First of all, in the trailer we met jacob, one of the six playable characters. We observe his coolness when faced with so many zombies. He didn’t even shot with his gun but instead used it like a bat smashing zombies heads.

In the gameplay we see so many methods(mostly melee) from the 6 characters, to kill the zombies in a lot of locations.

Dead Island 2 will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC (Epic Games Store) on February 3, 2023.