Warframe 9th Anniversary gifts!

Warframe is celebrating it’s 9th anniversary by giving many gifts to the players.

These gifts are coming with weekly in-game alert missions that players must complete to get Anniversary Rewards such as Skins, Noggles (the little figures you can customize your ship with) , Weapon Slots, Affinity and Credit boosters and more.

More Specific:

Week 1 Alert Rewards (28th March – 4th April):
Dex Sybaris
Weapon Slot
Dex Nouchali Syandana

Week 1 Weekend Booster (1-2 April):
Double Credits

Week 2 Alert Rewards (4-11 April):
Dex Furis
Weapon Slot
Excalibur Dex Skin

Week 2 Weekend Booster (8-11 April):
Double Affinity

Week 3 Alert Rewards (11-18 April):
Dex Dakra
Weapon Slot
Dex Raksaka Armour

Week 3 Weekend Boosters (15-18 April):
Double Credits

Week 4 Alert Rewards (18-25 April):
Liset Dex Skin
Excalibur Dex Noggle

Week 4 Weekend Booster (22-25 April):
Double Affinity

Week 5 Alert Rewards (25 April – 2 May):
Rhino Dex Skin
Excalibur Dex in Action Glyph

Week 5 Weekend Booster (29 April -2 May):
Double Credits
Double Affinit,