League of legends: Patch 12.1 Notes

The first changes for season 12 of League of Legends are finally here and it looks like there are some big changes to popular items like Immortal Shieldbow and Wit’s End as well as a big nerf to Teleport. Diana, Gangplank, Rek’sai and Sona are also getting some tweaks with the first two getting buffed while the latter two getting nerfed

Buffing the AP Ratio of Diana’s Passive and it’s damage against monsters will help Diana do faster clears in the jungle, which has been extremely important for the meta junglers in the last couple months.

Rek’sai’s E is getting nerfed both in unborrowed and borrowed state. Specifically, while unborrowed E deals more damage early on but scales worse than the pre-changes E, making maxing Q a better option for Rek’sai. Tunnels however are only getting nerfed by having higher cooldown at higher ranks.

Gangplanks Q has taken quite a hit with the Grasp Of The Undying nerf so it’s cost is getting lowered as well as it’s cooldown. This should help Gangplank return to his powerful laning phase as he was previously.

Sona’s armor growth is toned down by 0.3 per level making her squishier. Also her E is getting nerfed to having a higher CD by 2 seconds. This was done as a countermeasure to sona’s new passive as well as the changes on Archangels Staff meaning sona could stack pretty high Ability Haste.

Eclipse has been the best choice for AD assassins for the last patch meaning those champions had no reason to build Duskblade of Draktharr Or Prowler’s Claw. Eclipse’s shield Cooldown is being increased from 6 to 8 seconds. Hopefully this change is enough reason for AD assaassins to consider building one of the other mythics as well.

Force of Nature’s stacks are gonna last longer and the item itself will provide a better magic damage reduction, making it a fine choice as a heavy anti-magic item.

Immortal Shieldbow was getting used by a lot of different champions so it was inevitable it was getting nerfed. More specifically, it’s iconic shield values are dropping quite a bit and the flat AD it was providing is also getting nerfed.

Wit’s End has been such an excellent choice in an AD vs AP matchup that it’s Magic Resistance value is dropping since it has such a high damage output.

Also, Teleport is getting some massive changes. The players wont be able to teleport to anything except towers for the first 14 minutes of the game, meaning the players wont be able to affect other lanes that much by teleporting. This was done in response to there being too much disruption during the early game (especially in bot lane).

Furthermore, decays on high ranks are being changed in order to improve the matchmaking experience.

Lastly, two new skins are coming up, those being Elderwood Gnar and Elderwood Rek’sai and they have been visual updates to ranks and borders