K’Sante: Gameplay trailer reveal

K’Sante, the new League of Legends champion, has gotten a new gameplay trailer that’s showing his abilities. Here is what we managed to pick up
based on that trailer. Unfortunately, we couldn’t gather some info for his Passive


Q-Name Unknown

Seems like K’Sante’s basic ability, having a low Cooldown and low cost and dealing damage in a small straight line in front of him

W-Name Unknown

K’Sante needs to charge this ability to use it. He then dashes into a direction knocking back enemies he hits and stunning them if they collide
with a wall, kinda like Poppy’s E but not a targeting ability, a skill shot and with a charg-up. Not being a targeting ability tho means
he can use it to escape as well or engage without needing an enemy right next to him

E-Name Unknown

His E looks like a small dash with a shield. It might buff his autos or Q but we are not entirely sure about that yet

R-Name Unknown

K’Sante charges towards his opponent and drags him along the way. If K’Sante charges through a wall, he crosses that wall alongside the opponent he drags,
kinda like Zeri E with Skarner R. However, upon casting his max hp seems to be dropping to half for a few seconds. This ability can be recasted within
a small period of time, its unknown however how many recasts this ability has.

Below you can check out his trailer:

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