Diablo IV release date has been finally announced

After a waiting for a long time, an official release date for Diablo IV has been finally announced. More specificaly, the game is set to be released on 6th June for 2023. The game will play much like its predecessors, that being an ARPG where the player can fight endless waves of demonic creatures but this time with more open world characteristics. A playable version of the game has fallen into the hands of some Journalists who state that the game appears to have been influenced a lot by Diablo II and Diablo III.

The game developer Joe Shely spoke about how they wanna approach building characters in such a way so everyone’s build will be different than anothers, while also being simple for new players who wanna hop in directly into Diablo IV.

We know that as you’re engaging with the game, especially early on, you don’t have a full understanding of the game. You’re going to want to experiment and try things out,

When you look at our respec systems, which apply to both our skill tree and Paragon for later levels, which is our endgame progression system, we really tried to approach it in a way that yes, gives that sense of making a choice that matters and [that] your character is not the same as everyone else’s character.

Being on the receiving end of Diablo Immortal, the fanbase was worried if the game would be a free-to-play game with heavy pay to win elements or not. Thankfully, the community manager confirmed that Diablo IV won’t follow the tracks of Diablo Immortal.

Below you can find a brand new trailer that was shown during Game Awards 2023