Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling | Review

Bug Fables:The Everlasting Sapling is a turn based strategy game that’s quite similar to the early Paper Mario series, that being Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Years Door. One can tell with a quick glance that Bug Fables draws inspiration from those games, with the paper-like aesthetics, the dialogue, the upgrade system and many other things. However the game easily creates it’s own identity with the characters, who are well-written, the world it creates, its secrets and even a card game. The player can even choose to equip a “Hard Mode” badge that in return of making the game harder, gives more rewards to the player after every fight. Bug Fables is a nice combination of turn-based combat, exploration (either that being the world itself or secrets), dialogue between the characters of the party and others (either being quirky and funny or serious) and puzzles. In the “Hard Mode” the player has to carefully manage their recourses in order to win the fights, which is a good thing considering it IS Hard mode. The music combines really well with the game itself and it has its own unique charm, it’s definitely worth checking out. Overall, Bug Fables:The Everlasting Spring is a very charming game with good character development (not only for the main party memembers) and with a fine OST. Fans of the first two Paper Mario games especially should take a look into this one.