Blue Fire | Review

Blue Fire is an action-adventure platformer game made by Robi Studios. Blue Fire draws influence from the Zelda series, by having a system similarly to the temples, Hollow Knight, by having a similar upgrade system, and A Hat in Time but still manages to to create it’s own identity. Blue Fire is for the most part a platformer game, meaning the player will have to jump,dash and perform other tricks in order to reach their goal. There are also some optional areas called the Void that will test the player in their platforming abillities in order to upgrade their character, but some of these are no joke and require a lot of reflexes and precision for the player to advance. There is also combat in the game but thats the weak part of Blue Fire. You can lock on to enemies to make things easier for yourself but the enemies dont vary enough from each other and the game often repeats the same enemy type just with a different color in a new area. There is plenty of time between attacks usually for the user to shield/move out of the way but the combat feels a bit lackluster compared to other titles.

 The game rewards the player for exploration, meaning that players who get out of their way to try something will be most likely rewarded, which is a good thing. The graphics may not be amazing but they are charming and clear meaning the player won’t have any issue navigating their character, an important part of a platformer. Overall, Blue Fire is rough around the edges (though those parts may be fixed in future updates) , but it’s still a fine game for players who enjoy platformers.