Zeri: League of legends new champion

League of Legends new champion, Zeri, will be available on live servers on 20/1. Here is a rundown on her abilities:

Firstly, we have her passive Living Battery, which givers he movement speed whenever she receives a shield but also allows her to steal shields from her enemies by damaging them. This is a very good passive for the current meta since there are a lot of enchanter supports with shields that are being played (for example Lulu and Janna) as well as items that give shield (Shieldbow and Eclipse).

Second, we have her Q (Burst Fire), which has both a passive and an active effect. Her passive effect makes Zeri’s auto attack be treated as an ability, deal magic damage and let it scale with AP. Zeri gets charged up while moving or using her Q which then buffs her auto attack by dealing more damage and adding a slow. The active part of the ability lets Zeri shoot 7 rounds of bullets that deal physical damage, scale with AD and are treated like an attack. However, only the first bullet will trigger on-hit effects, but the cooldown of the ability matches Zeri’s auto attack timer (similar how Yasuo’s and Yone’s Q scale with attack speed).

Next, her W (Ultrashock Laser) fires a beam that damages and slows the first enemy hit. If the beam hits a wall it becomes longer and wider. Zeri’s E (Spark Surge) is a short dash that charges her next 3 Q casts. If the dash is used in any terrain, the dash is extended for that terrain, similar how Bard’s E works. Damaging enemies reduces the cooldown on her E.

Finally we have her Ultimate (Lightning Crash). Zeri deals AOE damage to nearby enemies and overcharges herself, gaining increased damage, Attack Speed and Movement Speed. While in this state, Zeri’s Q damage is concetrated on a fast triple shot that chains lightning between enemies.

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Below you can check out her trailer:

Zeri will be hitting the live servers with a Withered Rose skin.