Hogwarts Legacy release date, trailer and more

One of the next big games, Hogwarts Legacy, is coming closer to release and it’s no surprise that new stuff have been revealed about the game.
In this article we will present to you everything that has been revealed about the game so far.

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Hogwarts Legacy release date

The official released date has been confirmed to be on 10th of February, 2023 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. The release date for Nintendo Switch
has not been announced yet.

Hogwarts Legacy trailers and gameplay

The first trailer provided the players a view of Hogwart’s castle as well as a hint about the main antagonist of the game and a small glance of the game’s combat.

After quite some time, players were able to take a deeper look into the game’s combat with the release of a 15 minute offician gameplay video.

Lastly, during the Gamecom event, Avalance Software provided a trailer of one of the companion quest lines, new footage and a 46 minute video of pure gameplay.

Sebastian Sallow's Dark Legacy
New footage from State of Play
Gameplay video

Hogwarts Legacy Customization

The players will be able to customize their characters however they like. There will also be a lot of preset characters to help players start with a base model
and go from there. The face, color, hairstyle, voice and much more can be changed to a player’s liking creating the perfect character for each one’s preference.

Hogwarts Legacy Classes

The players will be taking part in classes such as Herbology and Defence Against the Dark Arts. Through different classes players will learn new potions and spells that
can use throughout the game. Game Director Alan Tew said the classes will be “very narrative based”.

Hogwarts Legacy Traveling

Of course, being a mage in Hogwarts, players will be able to use a broomstick for flying. Although we are not yet certain if Quidditch will be available in game, there will be
a plethora of secrets and amazing views the players can discover.

Hogwarts Legacy Progress

The game follows a basic level up system, which follows other RPG games. Players will be able to level up their character and upgrade their equipment and spells.

Will Hogwarts Legacy have Multiplayer ?

Hogwarts Legacy won’t feature multiplater gameplay, and is a pure single player experience.

Deluxe and Collectors Editions

Two different editions of the game will be available, Deluxe and Collectors.

Hogwarts Legacy deluxe edition
Hogwarts Legacy Collectors Edition

Will Hogwarts Legacy have Microtransactions ?

Lastly, the game WILL NOT have any kind of microtransactions as stated by Chandler Wood, Community Manager at Warner Brothers