Fortnite vaults locations and vault keys

The vaults are here and you will find them in every corner of the map in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. In every game they are waiting for you to open them and inside them you have everything you need to win the crown, such as ammo, a lot of healing and many many weapons.

Βefore we continue with vaults locations and keys we need to refer to some tips and information about vaults. First of all, after learning the vaults location you should know that in game map you will see some locks. When, in the vault location, you will not see locks, this means that they are already open and looted with the result, to save time and go straight to the next one. Lastly, the vault locations, on the other hand, will only appear on this map after you’ve discovered a vault key. Locks with a single keyhole require one key to open, while those with two require two keys.

Fortnite vault locations

There are 15 vaults hidden throughout the Fortnite island, and 4 of them are with the two keyholes that require two keys. All locations are directly below the image.

fortnite vaults locations
Fortnite Vaults Locations

How to get vault keys

Vault keys can be discovered in chests, lying on the ground or you can get it from players that you defeating(when the players had already find a key). Remember that not every chest has a vault key, so don’t be shocked if it takes you some time to find one.

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