Warframe: Angels of the Zariman Announced!

Warframe has announced new content, Angels of the Zariman, coming all on platforms on April 27.

Angels of the Zariman takes place on a colony ship and adds a new story mission, new customizable player appartment in the Dormizone as well as a new Warframe, new weapons and new game modes.

The new Warframe, Gyre, is meant to be using mostly Electrical damage abilities and Critical Hits. Her most important abilities are her Cathode Grace and Rotorswell. Cathode Grace gives her increased Critical Chance and Energy Regen that last longer with each kill whereas Rotoswell generates a field that shocks nearby enemies and when Gyre criticaly hits an enemy, electricity will chain from that enemy to nearby ones.

Three new endless game modes are being introduced named Void Flood, Void Cascade and Void Armageddon.

You can check the details in the video below.